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H-Quran (for BlackBerry devices)

Application features:

  1. H-Quran displayed with Osmanic font
  2. H-Quran is the first Quran application with fully textwithout download.
  3. H-Quran contains wrap and justify engines.
  4. H-Quran Total application size less than 5 Mb, However, it includes the entire Koran
  5. H-Quran supporting portrait& landscape in all its screens.
  6. With H-Quran you can change font size & color of the quranic text.
  7. Moreover, H-Quran provided with screen transitions and effects.
  8. For ease of browsing the Quran text, H-Quran user can do it by touch the screen or by track ball.
  9. H-Quran supports word-search in all quranic Suras.
  10. H-Quran highlights the searched word with different color.
  11. H-Quran Supports saving & retrieve Bookmarks.
  12. Our application supports Madina Quran marks.
  13. H-Quran automatically saves and retrieves the last reading position.

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